Friday, February 14, 2014

Honda CX-01 Concept Bike

The 2014 Auto Expo saw Honda unveiling their latest concept, the CX-01. As the X in the name hints, we're looking at a crossover platform, built in the vein of the the NC700X machines, a bike which is supposed to go almost anywhere and do almost anything.

A machine clearly developed with younger customers in mind, the Honda CX-01 is a svelte bike which can tackle the urban clutter with ease, while not being afraid to leave the asphalt behind, either, especially if shod with more aggressive tires.

Honda does not offer much info on this concept but we can tell it could transform into a very pretty production bike, with the USD forks, neat, simple and good-looking LCD dash, dual silencers with enough MV Agusta DNA to make us smile, and a sporty seat.

The photos seem to only show one exhaust header, but this may be only a false impression. In case it's a parallel twin, we can expect anything between 400 and 700-ish displacements.