Saturday, February 7, 2015

Eco Driving

Eco driving (driving ecology) is the driving patterns of motor vehicles that are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly by regulating the load on the engine while driving. Saving fuel will also reduce CO2 gas bursts of motor vehicles.

The following driving tips eco driving style:

1. Try to avoid action accelerates and brakes the vehicle suddenly or abruptly. Because in this situation, power borne vehicle engine so very large that the fuel consumption was so much more. Smooth driving can save fuel-third of the total number of existing fuels.

2. When approaching the intersection traffic lights or line of vehicles, avoid stopping altogether. Preferably from afar, has been moving slowly in front of the queue of vehicles waiting to unravel. Running the vehicle from a stopped position requires a large engine power and suck up a lot of fuel.

3. Plan your route in advance to avoid a tortuous route. Thus fuel becomes economical aka not wasted.

4. Avoid excessive vehicle load. Excessive work load will increase the fuel consumption of the engine that is also great.

5. Use the appropriate transmission gear terrain circumstances. Using a low gear at speeds over 40 km / h make the engine work harder and consume more fuel. Should rise gradually lower the transmission gear and within their vehicle load.

6. The tire pressure should also be adjusted to the standard of each vehicle. This action will save fuel consumption by 3%. So periodically check the tire pressure of your vehicle.

7. Take care of your vehicle regularly for the machine to stay fit. By doing so, the engine performance is always good.

8. Save the use of Air Conditioner (AC) will also reduce fuel consumption. If the circumstances surrounding it quite safe, cool, and not dirty, air conditioning can be turned off and open the window portion. But do not open the window while driving at high speed.

This tips can use for Eco Riding by Motorcycle..


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