Saturday, January 31, 2015

Don't Do This When You Parking A Car

Quite often we get undue parking location. For example, the sloping surface of the parking location, the point does not allow parking a car with tires that center.

As a result when parking, front tire in a position to turn or straight baseball. Well if so parking frequency, there impact. Primarily related powerstering component performance.

"Long-term Impact anyway. Related capabilities powerstering seal it. Because often receive undue pressure, seal broken his fast, "he said.

Imagine if seal broken powerstering, powerstering oil will be reduced. The effect could be the steering wheel feels heavy and there are strange noises associated components stir ..

"Some cases even as racknya corroded due to water and wounds, scratches," she added as she recalled the importance of checking the oil volume powerstering. When you need to replace oil powerstering when it passed 60 thousand miles.

According to him again when the axle racknya beret wound, can be fixed with chromated. The point is still, diligently observe the volume of your car powerstering


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