Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Chasis For All New Honda Vario 150 2015

In addition to improvements to the machine as it has been reviewed previously, Honda also change the design of the All New Honda Vario 125 ESP become more futuristic than the previous version. But not only that, it was not just a change of clothes, want to know What are the differences?

Overall, the dimensions LxWxH New Vario 125 is slightly different from 125. And New Vario Vario 125 17mm longer, but more slender 6mm and 7mm lower than the Honda Vario 125 previous versions.

Not only was the All New Vario 125 has the lowest distance to the ground 135mm, 128mm while the previous version. Due to higher ground clearance so the risk of stuck fewer bumps.

Of the body is also distinctly different, the look of the All New Vario 125 ESP is very similar to the All New Vario 150 ESP. Starting from the head lamp that no longer use 2x25 watt bulb but has adopted the LED.

In addition, the front cowl All New Honda Vario 125 looks thinner, because it turns out that was the position of the battery is in the front shield gets the footrests moved exactly as exactly as the location of the battery on the beat and the Honda Vario 110. So the appearance of the All New Honda Vario 125 ESP more frightening.

Meanwhile, in the rear brake lights that were previously only 5 watts, 10 watts now rely. While the turn signal is still relying on a pair of 10-watt bulb.

Not just the body and dimension changes, the chassis also changed! This can be seen from the chassis changes that previously embraced round tubular pipe, now a pipe box. Tank and luggage handle design also changed. But chassis both use the same type of bone under.

"The chassis has totally changed now so that once round the box. It is also what makes the motor so the lighter weight. It's empty weight of the All New Vario 125 ESP 3 pounds lighter than the old version of the 125 Vario has an empty weight of 112 pounds. The bones in the chassis New Vario 125 overhauled for a battery that needs to move to the deck. This means that, in the shield headlamp battery holder now gone. Not only that, the detailed shape of the seat and radiator coolant reservoir tank also changed.

Exhaust pipe on the All New Vario 125 ESP has new grooves adapted to the design of the engine hanger link. Not only the exhaust pipe All New Vario 125 ESP has over retaining heat to the radiator hose.

As well as front and rear Casting Wheels, which not only design changes, but also the width and curvature therein. The width is increased so 1.85-14 front and rear 2.15-14. Previously only 1.60-14 front and rear 1.85-14.

While the curve of the inner bulge or hump plus customized for tubeless tire applications. "The inside there is a kind of hump curvature so so if the flat is not directly discharged wind


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