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Yamaha Mio M3 Blue Core

Actually Yamaha Mio M3 125 Blue Core was originally will be officially launched in mid to late December 2014. But Yamaha has done with the introduction of their new scooter phased manner starting from the show headlamp and some sides. As has been known almost all Yamaha motorcycle market segmentation targeting young people and can be sure Yamaha Blue Core is also targeting market segmentation among young people with the spirit of the passionate but not too close to be able to hook the attention of motorists among parents who want innovation and practicality.

In accordance with spyshoot circulating on the internet M3 Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core has a design very young children with a simple look, trendy and sporty expected by Yamaha motor scooter can dominate the market had declined compared with their sport bike market. By holding "Engine" accompanied with a capacity of 125 cc engine of innovation and technology will add to the diversity of automatic motorcycles in Indonesia.

Specifications Yamaha Mio 125 Blue M3 Core

In accordance with spyshoot circulating on the internet lately M3 specification Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core has a design concept that young people really where the impression of simple, sleek, sporty and trendy is becoming an automatic motor into this. Matic motor is going to look very trendy when brought to accompany you walk into the park. Dimensions Yamaha Blue Core this is 1870 x 685 x 1035 mm with a seat height of 750 mm and weighs 94 kg automatic motor Yamaha makes this one includes cute to be ridden by riders with less height without having to tiptoe if you want to ride.

Even with the sleek dimensions including ease of Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 is maneuvered conditioned crowded streets as in urban streets. Luggage capacity existing in the specification Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 is 10.1 liters is enough to store your goods, but not enough to keep the helmet standard size. As for the fuel tank capacity of the automatic motor Yamaha which is larger than 125cc motor scooter others with carrying capacity of 4.2 liters for a single charge so as to bring the motor cover the distance of 200 km so that consumption becomes efficient.

To design head lamp which is applied to the specifications of Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 has a separate form with turn light which if considered design of this lamp glance similar to Honda BeAT. But Yamaha Blue Core head lamp looks like a sport touring motorcycle headlamp belonging to them, namely MT-125 which has the form of a simple, sporty and looks very "eye catching" the whole body.

Body design is so slim and fit as well as combined with wings that have "Layer" automatic motor yamaha makes this one looks very sporty and stylish. M3 wing design Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core is a little reminiscent of the shape of which is owned by Honda Vario CBS which has the form of a towering and stout. At design speedometer Yamaha Blue Core is almost similar to other Yamaha matic has speed indicator, the distance taken / trip meter, turn signal, headlights, fuel, engine and eco indicator.

Speedometer with Eco Indicator This serves to inform motorists while driving in conditions most optimal engine performance so as to save on fuel usage reaches 60%. While the shape of the wheel of the specification Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 is still belonged Mio Soul adopt the same tire size large both front and rear tires. It is estimated that in the presence of riding the eco indicator makes Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 will produce environmentally friendly combustion when driving at a speed of 40-60 km / h.

In the specification Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 has an engine capacity of 125 cc automatic transmission with compression ratio sufficiently high combustion will produce maximum power is estimated at 9.52 ps / 8000 rpm and maximum torque of 9.6 Nm / 5500 rpm can be possible even more. So that would facilitate automatic Yamaha this one to accelerate quickly. Sedangkankan Yamaha Blue Core engine weight alone to 32.6 kg which was the lightest in its class.

In addition, the machine is capable of producing large is equipped with air conditioning as well as using the latest CVT. This machine is responsive to race against each round thanks to the result of a fusion engine air flow path design of new capital and measuring 24 mm throttle body and injectors four holes. Despite the relatively high compression ratio Yamaha Yamaha claims that the M3's 125 Blue Core burning 50% more efficient than the initial generation model motorcycles still use carburetors engine that produces less power but consumes more fuel.

Even some of the resources stated that Yamaha Mio M3 125 Blue Core is able to cover a distance of up to 111 Km translucent / liter of fuel by using fuel octane 92 or 95. Actually, with a high enough ratio of perceived Yamaha M3 125 Blue Core can use fuel only 88 octane, but certainly not to a distance of 111 Km / liter is. It is possible to use 88 octane fuel to a distance of up to 70 Km / liter.

Besides efficient in improving the combustion process, Yamaha Blue Core machine is in working to minimize the frictional power and including recalcitrant in use thanks DiAsil Forged Piston Cylinder and already proven. New Yamaha M3 125 Blue Core is the first motor scooter manufactured Yamaha Indonesia where this bike already using the technology that makes the Blue Core performance becomes much more efficient than before. For supplying fuel Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 uses injection technology which is certainly more environmentally friendly than other types of carburetors.

While the safety feature specifications Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 includes complete enough to complete the full features such as eco speedometer indicator, smart lock system, the multifunction key and smart side stand witch. You can quickly see the state of the motor just by looking at the speedometer that is informative and easily visible.

In eco indicator speedometer Yamaha Blue Core is located in the upper left so make sure motorists more efficient motor control so that saving in the consumption of BBM. In addition there is a multifunctional primary key on Yamaha Mio M3 125 Blue Core as a handlebar lock, ignition and trunk with open access and a safe seat is equipped with a key hole cover. Function smart lock system makes Yamaha Blue Core is currently locking the brakes on the road uphill or downhill with automatic by clicking this feature with your finger.

Smart side stand witch makes it more secure when parked motorcycle because it can immediately turn off the engine when the standard lowered. This feature also provides confirmation by the indicator flashes when in use.


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