Tuesday, September 24, 2013

League Cup Arsenal against West Bromwich Albion

Arsene Wenger said he would do the rotational player at Arsenal in the third round of the League Cup against West Bromwich Albion in midweek.

With the rotation policy, players who had never previously had the opportunity to play will have the chance to perform.

"We will be competing in the League Cup hosts face West Brom on Wednesday and I will rotate the team. Bendtner has the opportunity to be involved in the team," said Wenger.

But other players like Jack Wilshere will not play because they have to undergo a recovery period.

Wenger also explained the importance of rotating the squad to face Arsenal in the competition this season.

"Rotating the squad is very important because we will play again on Wednesday and after that we will face a crucial match in the Champions League against Napoli. We would all play their respective roles," he said.


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