Monday, February 10, 2014

Are You Ready For Windows 9?

It is not a secret that Windows 8 has not been very successful and it is for this reason why Microsoft is said to be planning to release the Windows 9 in October of this year.

If this report is true, then this will contradict the previous rumors that suggest about Windows 8.1 getting an upgrade that they will call the GDR1 and will be released along with the Windows Phone 8.1 during the Build 2014 conference this April.

Windows 8′s Final Curtain

The new rumor about the October release of Windows 9 has paved way to the question about the authenticity of the GDRI upgrade for the Windows 8.1, which is said to have actually been the Windows 8.2, if indeed the new operating system is just right around the corner. Furthermore, it signals that the Windows 8 will not be operating as a platform. Given its below average sales, the enduring popularity of the operating system’s predecessors and the fact that its own employees have been criticizing it, the release of the Windows 9 in October could possibly serve as the death of Windows 8, which was hailed as Microsoft’s experimental operating system.

Windows 9 Release Date

The chief executive of Microsoft, Frank Shaw, has reportedly said that Microsoft was not ready to release any statement yet as to how often Windows will be coming out. But he has admitted that Windows users will soon be seeing a variety of Microsoft products in a cadence that will look like that.

The Windows Phone is certainly a good example. No one from the company confirmed if the Windows 9 will be out in the market in October and it was not known if the operating system could be bought as a standalone product or if you will need to get an upgrade only if you have Windows 8 in your PC. However, another user in the web has said that he strongly believes that the Windows 9 will definitely be available anytime soon, and this was from a reliable source who he said is working for Microsoft.

Smaller But with More Apps

During the last Microsoft earnings call, a chief executive from the company, Peter Klein, has made it clear that Microsoft has received the message that Windows 8 tablets should have to be cheaper. They admitted that they are very much aware that their company’s growth will greatly depend on their ability to give the customers what they want and to also include several interesting features along with it.

Because of this, the Windows 9 Threshold is said to be filled with lots of exciting apps. There are various reports which suggested that the Threshold update will come with the Start menu and that it will also be equipped with various apps for Windows 8 that will operate even on the desktop.

A lot of experts believe that these things are likely to happen. Others have also said that the Windows 9 will allow the Windows 8 style apps to appear on the taskbar, although they will probably still be launched on a full screen mode.


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