Saturday, March 28, 2015

Crash Test Camry 2009 VS Yaris Sedan 2009

Full size sedan as Toyota Camry 2009 versus Low size sedan as Toyota Vios as called in Indonesia 2009. This crash test not to judge or black campain for the loser, but what makes Toyota Vios or Yaris Sedan break down to tears? Low cost for small sedan or customer have to pay more for safety?

Do Toyota Indonesia produce this Yaris Sedan? Yes they are on selling and number one Small Sedan in Indonesia. Number one for great value, less fuel consumption, and "good looking" as small sedan.

They selling as Taxi car with great feature, low cost for maintenance, and easy for handling. But Toyota cuts some safety for low cost small sedan. On video both car crash test on 64 Km/h, frontal crash test.


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