Thursday, March 5, 2015

Suzuki iM-4 Concept 2015

Future generations Suzuki Jimmy, Suzuki iM-4 finally exhibited by Suzuki at the Geneva Motor Show 2015. In addition, the latest concept car Suzuki is also rumored to be ready to enter the production line in 2016.

Suzuki iM-4 Concept also comes with dimensions of length 3693 mm, width 1709 mm, height 1566 mm reach. The latest Suzuki car that comes with the theme "Shape the Inspiration" was also performed with the hollow body with a minimalist but high clereance ground drive system 4 × 4. Grill latest Suzuki iM-4 is also seen together with the main lights that have adopted the LED. Interestingly, the latest Suzuki car roof is also seen hovering thanks to the A and B pillars that comes with a black bandage. Similar to the design of the Suzuki Swift in my opinion.

Classic design Suzuki latest iM-4 is also inspired by the classical model of Suzuki, like Fronte Coupe and Crevo. As for the heart of the engine, Suzuki pinned hybrid technology that combines a 1.2L engine with an electric motor Dualjet the source of lithium-ion battery power. Not only that, fuel consumption Suzuki iM-4 is also more efficient thanks to the regeneration of energy generated from braking.



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